(Posted Thu. Dec 1st, 2011)

laborDec. 1: The National Corn Growers Association, along with 47 other agricultural organizations, sent comments to the Department of Labor outlining concerns with proposed child labor regulations.


“Our members understand the dangers associated with working on a farm and they are committed to ensuring youth are safe,” NCGA President Garry Niemeyer said. “NCGA has also taken a proactive role in farm safety by providing a video on the dangers of grain bins and a website. We fully support existing provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act that permit the Department of Labor to establish appropriate standards for youth employment on the farm but we do not support hindering family farmers.”


The proposed rules would raise the minimum age of employment to 16 on farms and 18 for facilities that handle raw commodities, such as grain elevators. The rules also place limits on pesticide handling, heavy machinery operation and working with animals.


The submitted comments explain the importance of education of farm safety. The groups also outlined the importance of extracurricular activities such as FFA and 4-H that place a strong emphasis on farm safety and education. The Department of Labor’s comment period closed today. They will review the received comments and make a decision to alter the rules with the agriculture industry’s concerns.


Click here for the comments that were filed today.


To watch NCGA’s grain bin safety video, click here.