(Posted Tue. Jan 3rd, 2012)

Jan. 3: Today, Off the Cob spoke with National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer on his outlook for corn growers in the new year. Emphasizing the importance of cooperation and making changes on the horizon into opportunities for farmers, Niemeyer offered an optimistic outlook for agriculture should the industry take an active role in the many potential movements that could impact various pieces of the value chain.


“I believe that it is time we stand together as an agricultural industry and recognize the new year for what it is – an open horizon in which each change holds endless possibility,” said Niemeyer. “Things will not be the same. Let’s make them better.”


Offering direction on how to do so, he sighted many of NCGA’s accomplishments from the previous year.


“In 2011, we saw joint efforts like the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, the National Agricultural Genotyping Center, CommonGround, the American Ethanol partnership with NASCAR and the Corn Farmers Coalition bringing organizations together and magnifying our voices,” he said. “We must build upon this success in 2012.”


Niemeyer went on to explain how he envisions applying aspects of these programs to new models that will help farmers confront challenges on the changing landscape.


“We will do so by redoubling our efforts on existing projects while finding ways to apply this model of cooperation to new situations,” he said. “By working with our fellow farmers and industry allies, we can find innovative ways in which to achieve our goals and start a conversation with the broader public about how we all can work with one another to build a brighter future for farmers and those who rely on us for food, feed and fuel.”


Concluding his message, Niemeyer stressed the importance of grassroots activism, a tenet upon which NCGA is based.


“We know that change is inevitable in 2012,” he said. “Instead of fearing the possible implications, we must take charge of our mutual destiny.”


To listen to the interview in full, please click here.