(Posted Fri. Nov 11th, 2011)

Nov. 10: This week, National Corn Growers Association Corn Board officers met with members of the mainstream and agriculture media in Kansas City where they talked about topics ranging from sustainability to the upcoming farm bill legislation to the 2011 harvest, a subject of particular interest following U.S. Department of Agriculture reports released Wednesday.


On Wednesday, NCGA hosted the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention’s Welcome Reception. During this well attended event, NCGA shared the spotlight with the Missouri Corn Growers Association to help draw attention to the devastating flooding of farm land in the summer of 2011. Attendees watched a teaser for MCGA’s short documentary, Underwater and Overlooked: Crisis on the Missouri River, which holds the Corps accountable for the 2011 flood along the Missouri River banks and pushes them to take steps to ensure this never happens again.


On Thursday, NCGA President Garry Niemeyer and First Vice President Pam Johnson, along with CEO Rick Tolman, participated in NAFB Trade Talk, a six and a half-hour long session which allows participating organizations access to broadcasters to discuss their most important issues and topics. With more than 100 media professionals in attendance, Trade Talk offered NCGA leadership the opportunity to tape interviews with dozens of outlets. These pieces will air throughout the year, ensuring that the voice of the American corn farmer is prominently featured in coverage of many issues significant to their industry.


“Trade Talk provided an incredible chance to speak out for farmers,” Niemeyer said. “In such a short time, we were able to interact with reporters from across the country. The event’s structure makes it a uniquely effective tool by creating a space where associations and broadcasters work together to tell the story of agriculture in an efficient manner that minimizes the time needed to achieve maximum impact.”


Interest in the 2011 harvest peaked as USDA reports released earlier this week indicated further reductions in overall U.S. corn production and in the projected national average yield. Still on track to produce the fourth-largest crop on record, the officers reassured the press that, as always, farmers can and will provide corn to meet all demand.


NCGA Chairman Bart Schott also attended Trade Talk, speaking on behalf of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance. Earlier this week, Schott was elected to Vice Chair of the organization’s Executive Committee. Schott spoke with media on a variety of topics including the dialogue about food opened with consumers during this fall’s Town Hall events and what to expect from this new organization moving forward.