(Posted Mon. Nov 21st, 2011)

Nov. 21: Last week, representatives of the National Corn Growers Association attended the NASCAR Green Summit in Miami Beach, Fla. The day-long meeting, held in advance of the season-finale races at Homestead-Miami Speedway, highlighted the sport’s environmentally responsible efforts, and brought together the stakeholders to share ideas on furthering this green movement.


NCGA played an integral role, through the American Ethanol partnership, in NASCAR’s most visible green initiative this season, the switch to Sunoco Green E15. The 15 percent ethanol fuel blend helped NASCAR decrease their environmental impact, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create American jobs in this growing industry.


“NASCAR fans represent more than 25 percent of the adult population and statistics show they are much more tuned into the outdoors and the environment than the average consumers,” said Corn Board member Jon Holzfaster. “NASCAR is a great place to spread the good word about ethanol.”


NASCAR’s partnership promoting American ethanol provides an opportunity to get the incredible news about this sustainable, domestically produced fuel out to NASCAR’s 80 million plus fans. In addition to emitting a lower level of greenhouse gas than gasoline, ethanol creates jobs in America and strengthens national security by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.


Data released following the summit shows that the partnership is making a measurable impact with a one-month sample taken in July indicating NASCAR Green accounted for one-third of all ethanol industry news coverage. Thus far this year, coverage of the partnership has generated 30 million media impressions and has been featured in more than 225 news stories from across the country. With 92 percent of these stories presenting ethanol in a positive light, it becomes evident that tens of millions of Americans are beginning to recognize the ways in which ethanol benefits the environment, family farmers and the country as a whole.


Thus far this season, NASCAR has recorded more than 1.5 million miles fueled by Sunoco Green E15 without a single engine or performance problem, a point highlighted in this NASCAR report documenting the performance of this mid-level ethanol blend. The sport’s extensive use of E15 validates the fact that ethanol is an everyday fuel for everyday Americans – and one that can strengthen our country’s energy security.


“Successfully transitioning to the new fuel and surpassing a million miles, all on America’s toughest proving ground, is a validation of Sunoco Green E15 as a high-performance racing fuel and is part of our overall effort to go green,” said Mike Lynch, Managing Director of Green Innovation for NASCAR. “NASCAR is proud to use this American-made product because it creates American jobs while also reducing harmful emissions.”


From Coke’s massive recycling campaign at NASCAR races to the installation of the world’s largest solar array at the Pocono race track, NASCAR is getting greener each year. In fact, the tree-planting efforts through NASCAR Green have drawn particular attention because a single tree eliminates nearly all the CO2 produced by a race car in the course of an entire racing season.