(Posted Mon. Oct 31st, 2011)

Oct. 31: American Ethanol raced into the spotlight again this weekend at the Martinsville Speedway as last week’s winner, American Ethanol spokesman Clint Bowyer, was presented with the Green Flag Restart Award, which he won last week in addition to the first-place trophy. This prize, also sponsored by American Ethanol, goes to the driver recording the fastest average speed on restarts and finishing the race in the lead lap. The awards ceremony took place just before the Sprint Cup race in front of more than 100,000 fans.


Bowyer’s No. 33 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet race car also featured a special-edition American Ethanol paint scheme. Millions of TV viewers saw the American Ethanol brand, as the sporty black, silver and green paint design was on-track all weekend. Sunday, an in-car broadcast camera accompanied Bowyer during the race. This valuable coverage yet again amplified the strong point that NASCAR drivers trust American ethanol to protect their valuable cars while fueling them on to victory.


“With so many eyes on Bowyer following his victory at Talladega, many fans noticed how his car prominently featured American Ethanol last Sunday,” said NCGA NASCAR Advisory Committee Chair Martin Barbre. “It has already been an amazing year for both ethanol and NASCAR. We hope that by seizing opportunities to highlight American ethanol even further we can help even more people to understand the incredible performance and reliability of this sustainable, domestic fuel.”


During this first year of the multi-year partnership, American Ethanol aims to highlight ethanol to NASCAR’s immense fan base, many of whom may not of previously been familiar with ethanol or may have carried negative assumptions based upon misleading information. Putting NASCAR’s trust of E15 in the spotlight, the alliance shows consumers that the best drivers operating some of the most expensive cars in the world rely on E15 when the race is on the line.


Through its partnership with NASCAR, which is using Sunoco Green E15 racing fuel this season, American Ethanol is promoting the nation’s homegrown, clean-burning alternative fuel to millions of brand-loyal NASCAR racing fans. NASCAR has made a seamless transition to the new fuel by developing and implementing flawless distribution at the track, where many racing teams report an increase in horsepower.


In fact, in a detailed ‘white paper’ issued in September, NASCAR announced it has accumulated more than 1.3 million miles of driving in 2011 on America’s toughest proving grounds: the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™, NASCAR Nationwide Series™ and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series™. With these miles accumulated in practice, qualifying and racing laps in NASCAR racing vehicles – all without incident since the racing season began in February with the Daytona 500 – the report demonstrates the solid performance of mid-level ethanol blends. Click here to access the report.