(Posted Fri. Sep 16th, 2011)

Sept. 16: As summer draws to a close, members of Congress have returned to Washington after their month-long District work period. With only a few short months left until the end of the year, the legislative calendar will be extremely busy for members and their staff.


“Immediately upon return from August recess, Congress was faced with two problems,” National Corn Growers Association Vice President of Public Policy Jon Doggett said. “They must fund the federal government by the end of the month, and focus on providing the new Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction with tax and budget cut proposals to meet the new committee’s mandate.”


As Congress and the Administration prepare and position themselves for the final months of 2011, NCGA believes that, outside of the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction and funding in the Federal Government in 2012, the focus will be jobs, Doggett said. He also noted that on top of working with the so-called “Super Committee,” the House and Senate also have their own legislative agendas to handle before the end of the year.


“Another item up for consideration in both chambers is the passage of the free trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama,” Doggett said. “NCGA will be working closely with the House and Senate on this issue. Additionally, we will be attempting to find a way to pass legislation regarding the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits requirement and making preparations for the 2012 farm bill.”