JULY 2011

(Posted Fri. Jul 29th, 2011)

July 29:  The "Field Notes” podcast series opened the farm gate this spring and provided followers with an inside look at the activities of several farmers from a variety of geographical areas. Today, this series caught up with Maryland farmer Chip Bowling following a hiatus during which he conducted a successful campaign for a seat on the National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Board.


In the interview recorded Thursday, Bowling talked about his planting experience during a damp season.


“We had a wet planting season and hard a hard time getting the crop in because things were so wet,” Bowling said. “That lasted until about a month after planting season and then all of a sudden the rain quit coming and the sun came out and we got hot in July. Here in Maryland we’re going to have an average crop, nothing really to brag about. We’ve been getting a few timely rains when we needed it, but we definitely need some right now.”


With the heat, some plants are feeling stressed, Bowling added. “The last week or so we started seeing the corn curl up and even the soybeans are starting to show a little stress now,” he said.


Most of the early corn has matured, Bowling noted, and he was now waiting for it to dry out, expecting to start harvest around Labor Day.


Click here for the full "Field Notes" report, which includes a discussion of the Maryland Commodity Classic and what’s next for the Bowling farm.