NCGA Media Contacts


While our grower leaders serve as our primary spokespersons in media interviews, NCGA’s award-winning communications staff is available to help you find the best resource or voice for your reporting.


St. Louis/Headquarters:

Ken Colombini

Communications Director

Office: (636) 733-9004

Cell: (314) 308-4290

Mark Lambert

Senior Communications Manager

Office: (636) 733-9004

Cell: (314) 210-6138


Susan Powers

Communications Manager

Office: (636) 733-9004


Cathryn Wojcicki

Communications Manager

Office: (636) 733-9004

Washington D.C. office: 

Jennifer Myers

Communications Manager

Office: (202) 628-7001



Recent News Releases

08-29-14 Fargo Selected as Site for National Agricultural Genotyping Center

08-20-14 NCGA, DuPont Launch Second Year of New Leaders Program

06-11-14 National Corn Growers Association Seeks Chief Executive Officer

05-22-14 NCGA Applauds Senate Passage of WRRDA, Urges Presidental Action

05-20-14 NCGA Applauds House Passage of WRRDA, Urges Swift Senate Approval

04-25-14 CUTC Highlights America's Only Native Spirit

04-09-14 NCGA Announces Support Federal GMO Labeling Legislation

04-03-14 NCGA Joins REAP Initiative as Founding Partner

03-13-14 Tolman to Retire as NCGA Chief Executive Officer

02-04-14 Corn Growers Thank Senate for Farm Bill Passage

01-29-14 Corn Growers Thank House for Quick Farm Bill Action

01-28-14 Corn Growers Respond to State of Union Address in Calling for Action

01-28-14 Corn Growers Urge Swift Passage of 2014 Farm Bill

01-23-14 NCGA Thanks Members of Congress for Ethanol Support


2013 News Releases

12-04-13 Farmers Head to Washington, D.C., to Defend Ethanol at EPA Hearing

11-12-13 NASCAR Reaches Five Million Miles on Sunoco Green E15

11-12-13 Unbalanced Reporting Damaging to Future of Domestically Produced Fuel

10-08-13 NCGA Appeals Chesapeake Bay TMDL Ruling

09-17-13 NCGA Disappointed in Chesapeake Bay TMDL Ruling

08-05-13 NCGA Membership Now Tops 40,000

07-26-13 Corn, Soy, Canola Growers Stand Firm on Title 1 Programs Prior to Farm Bill Conference

07-18-13 DuPont and National Corn Growers Launch Program to Empower Farmers as Leaders

07-17-13 NCGA President's Award Presented to USDA Secretary Vilsack

07-11-13 NCGA Urges House Passage on Split Farm Bill in Order to Get to Conference

06-20-13 NCGA Disappointed in House Failing to Pass Farm Bill

06-18-13 Making every drop count: NCGA Tools for Water Quality

06-13-13 Soybean, Corn, Sunflower and Canola Growers Press House on Farm Bill

06-10-13 NCGA Congratulates Senate on Farm Bill Passage, Urges House Action

06-06-13 NCGA Pleased with Successful Cloture Motion, Urges Quick Action

06-03-13 Corn Farmers Return to Nation’s Capital in Advertising, Educational Campaign

05-23-13 NCGA Applauds Senate Farm Bill Action

05-16-13 Corn Growers Pleased to See House Ag Committee Progress on Farm Bill

05-14-13 NCGA Applauds Senate Ag Committee Farm Bill Action

04-10-13 Ag Groups: Farmer Assurance Provision Important for Agriculture

02-22-13 American Ethanol Enhances Sponsorship of Richard Childress Racing with Driver Austin Dillon in 2013
02-01-13 Refuge Compliance Report Shows Increased Compliance in 2012

01-02-13 NCGA: Congress' Farm Bill Inaction Hampers America


2012 News Releases

12-20-12 NCGA Announce National Corn Yield Contest Winners for 2012

11-28-12 NCGA Chain Restaurants' Ethanol Report Full of Empty Calories

11-07-12 NCGA Congratulates President Obama on Re-election

09-27-12 NCGA, Renewable Fuel Stakeholders Join Forces to Defend RFS

08-22-12 Farm Bill Now Coalition Unites Nation’s Farm Groups in Push for New Farm Bill

08-16-12 CFC Brings Story of Modern Corn Farming Back to Washington

08-15-12 NCGA Statement on RFS Waiver Petition

08-10-12 NCGA Addresses Concerns, Urges Cooperation in Light of Revised Corn Crop Estimates

07-30-12 NCGA Statement on the Call for an RFS Waiver

07-27-12 NCGA: American Agriculture Needs a New Farm Bill

07-19-12 NCGA Statement on the Drought and the Renewable Fuel Standard

07-18-12 NCGA Presents Senator Stabenow with President’s Award

07-12-12 NCGA Supports Legislative Process, Calls for Significant Changes to House Farm Bill

07-11-12 NCGA Welcomes News on Kansas E15 Pump

07-05-12 NCGA Pleased to See House Ag Unveil 2012 Farm Bill

06-21-12 NCGA Congratulates Senate on Farm Bill Passage, Urges House Action

06-07-12 NCGA Cheers Strong Majority Vote to Advance Farm Bill in Senate

06-05-12 NCGA Applauds Senate Movement on Farm Bill

05-25-12 Atrazine Lawsuit Settlement Affirms Safety of the Herbicide

05-24-12 Farm Families to Return to the Nation’s Capital with Educational Program This Summer

05-18-12 Credentialed media attendance at 2012 Corn Utilization and Technology Conference

05-16-12 NCGA Urges CFTC to Allow Public Feedback on Extended Trading Hours

05-09-12 NCGA Celebrates USDA’s 150th Anniversary

05-08-12 CUTC Announces Top Bioengineer as Keynote Speaker

04-25-12 NCGA Disappointed in Senate Farm Bill Delay

04-23-12 Corn Growers Appreciate Senate Ag Committee Farm Bill

03-01-12 Commodity Classic Organizations Outline 2012 Farm Bill Priorities

01-31-12 Great Country Music Names in the Commodity Classic Spotlight

01-25-12 Corn Growers Help Provide Energy Independence


2011 News Releases

11-28-11 NCGA Appreciates Work of the USDA to Lower Crop Insurance Premiums for Corn

11-21-11 Corn Growers Disappointed Joint Committee Has Failed to Act 

11-01-11 NCGA Disappointed Senate Did Not Act Before Deadline on NPDES Legislation

10-14-11 Corn Growers Thank Ag Committees for Farm Bill Spending Proposal

10-12-11 NCGA Applauds House of Representatives Passage of Free Trade Agreements

10-05-11 NCGA Opposes Legislation to Weaken Renewable Fuels Standard

09-19-11 NCGA Committed to Helping Reduce Federal Deficit While Strengthening Risk Management Tools

07-07-11 NCGA Appreciates Bipartisan Work on Senate Ethanol Compromise

06-28-11 NCGA Applauds Movement on Pending FTAs

06-21-11 NCGA Appreciates Bipartisan Passage of H.R. 872 in Senate Ag Committee

06-16-11 NCGA Disappointed Politics Trumped Policy on Ethanol Vote

06-14-11 NCGA Appreciates Senators Standing Up for Rural America in Coburn Vote

06-13-11 NCGA Supports Thune, Klobuchar Legislation to Reform Ethanol Industry

06-02-11 American Ethanol Raises the Green Flag in Kansas

06-01-11 Corn Farmers Coalition Returns to Nation’s Capital with Educational Program

05-25-11 NCGA Highlights Importance of Pending TPA with Panama

05-17-11 New Research Finds No Plausible Land Use Change from Ethanol Production
05-12-11 NCGA Supports Approval of Pending Free Trade Agreements
05-04-11 Corn, Ethanol Groups Welcome Bill Transforming Current Ethanol Tax Policy
04-27-11 NCGA Concerned About EPA’s Newly Announced Clean Water Act Guidelines
04-14-11 Ethanol: The Right Policy for Combating Oil Prices for Food and Energy Security
04-06-11 NCGA Commends Progress Made on Colombia FTA
03-31-11 NCGA Thanks House of Representatives for Passing NPDES Permits Legislation
03-31-11 USDA Predicts Five Percent Increase in Planted Corn Acres for 2011
03-16-11 NCGA Disappointed in VEETC Repeal Amendment
02-25-11 Kenny Wallace and RAB Racing Partners With American Ethanol for 2011 Nationwide Season
02-24-11 Corn Growers Rebut President Clinton on Ethanol
02-11-11 NCGA Pleased with Full Deregulation of Corn Amylase

02-03-11 NCGA, NGFF Debut Joint Farm Grain Bin Safty Video
01-27-11 NCGA Pleased with USDA Decision Regarding Roundup Ready Alfalfa
01-26-11 Corn Growers: State of the Union Touches on Key Farm Issues


2010 News Releases

12-17-10 NCGA Announces National Corn Yield Contest Winners for 2010
10-21-10 NCGA Thanks President, Agriculture Secretary for Vision, Scope of Biofuels Program
05-24-10 Conference Announces “Next Green Revolution” Expert and Former USDA Top Scientist as Keynote Speaker
05-12-10 NCGA to Study, Comment on New Senate Climate and Energy Bill
03-25-10 NCGA Thanks Congressmen Pomeroy, Shimkus for VEETC Extension Legislation