During the 2012 marketing year, the United States is predicted to export 825 million bushels of corn worldwide. Farm exports in fiscal year 2013 are projected to reach $145 billion. This supports more than 1 million American jobs. Today’s top markets worldwide for U.S. corn are Japan, Mexico, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

NCGA remains committed to the development and maintenance of fair and open global trade practices and policies. We seek to initiate and support programs to build long term global demand for corn and corn co-products.

Recommended Action

  • Support the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as long as the market access schedules of our existing FTAs are kept intact. Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) and non-tariff barriers that hamper U.S. agricultural exports must be addressed.
  • Support the Market Access Program and the Foreign Market Development program at USDA.
  • Eliminate barriers that are not based on science for trading agricultural products derived from biotechnology.
  • Support the authority of the World Trade Organization to arbitrate disputes and implement enforcement actions.