As our country continues to rack up record budget deficits, NCGA and other commodity organizations appreciate the need to develop more effective and efficient programs that help farmers manage risk and cost taxpayers less money. For growers, especially young and beginning farmers, managing the potential loss of revenue is vital. NCGA has long supported risk management tools that complement federal crop insurance to protect farmers against multi-year declines in prices and/or yields.

In the midst of an unprecedented level of national debt, corn growers believe it is time to make fundamental changes to long established farm programs. We support new programs that will provide growers only when assistance is most needed.

NCGA urges Congress to avoid another extension of the 2008 farm bill and pass new legislation this

fiscal year. Current inaction hampers farmers’ ability to make sound long term business decisions for the

next five years.

Recommended Action

  • Ensure that the Federal Crop Insurance Program remains the cornerstone of the farm safety net.
  • Urge Congress to pass a new farm bill this fiscal year.
  • Work with House and Senate Ag Committee leaders to provide market based risk-management tools that complement the Federal Crop Insurance Program.