Since 2009, Syngenta and NCGA have partnered to offer the Advanced Leadership Program. Designed to prepare LAIB graduates for new and increased leadership opportunities, the program reinvigorates and reinforces that earlier LAIB training and expands upon it with important new topics.


Phase I of Advanced Leadership, focused on communication skills and organizational behavior, is conducted annually in June and rotates between Minneapolis, MN and Greensboro, NC.  The session covers:


  • Organizational design and behavior
  • Crisis communications
  • Advocacy skills – writing and presentations
  • Negotiations skills


Phase II, focused on public policy and media training is conducted annually in January in Washington, DC with LAIB class.  The second session covers:


  • Lobbyist shadowing
  • Agency, congressional and NGO visits
  • Advanced media training
  • Understanding and communicating with non-farm audiences


A key focus of the Advanced Leadership Program is to develop graduates into leaders who can take what they have learned and return to their state organizations or national positions and be transformational leaders for those around them. The curriculum is designed to empower this elite cadre of grower leaders with highly relevant training regarding issues facing state or national leadership that they can, in turn, share with others in their organization.


States may nominate up to two individuals for the program: a primary and an alternate. Alternates will be considered by the selection committee if space permits. The program features a very small class (5-7 members) and personalized instruction.  





State corn associations may nominate up to two applicants, one as a primary candidate and one as an alternate. Nominees must be a member of NCGA, a graduate of Leadership at Its Best, and about to assume, or already in, a senior national or state leadership post.


2017-2018 Program Calendar


Session 1: June 20-23, 2017 in Greensboro, NC

Session 2: January 28-February 1, 2018 in Washington, DC


"The Advanced Leadership program offers our experienced leaders an opportunity to further enhance their skills for national leadership. I had the chance to participate in the program and can personally confirm the program helps leaders truly elevate their skillset, preparing them to lead our organization into 2016 and beyond." 


- Chip Bowling, NCGA President and Advanced Leadership Alumnus


“This program takes graduates of Leadership Academy who are presently in leadership roles to the next level, helping them become transformational leaders. They can take these enhanced skills back to improve their state and national associations and fellow leaders.”


- Todd Barlow, Director of State Affairs, Syngenta


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