Corn growers have increasingly stepped beyond the farm itself to influence changes that affect their ability to operate. One of the most important steps came in 1957, when farmers saw the need for a stronger voice on corn issues in Washington and decided to establish the National Corn Growers Association.

It has been farmers, in each generation since then, who have spoken for their neighbors and their industry on a roster of issues that began with agricultural policy and now includes infrastructure, energy, biotechnology, conservation, research, and education about production agriculture.

Their stories are a study in grower initiative, leadership, and change. Now, NCGA is sharing some of the corn industry’s success in the words of the farmers who experienced this innovation and change first-hand.

I. Grower Organization Maintains Momentum, Moves Farming Forward

II. NCGA Membership Is What Makes Corn Matter


III. Keeping Agriculture Front-and-Center With Consumers


IV. Strategic Visioning Helps Organization Evolve Smartly


V. Crumbling Infrastructure a Longtime Challenge for Growers


VI. Trade Quietly Plays Critical Role in Supporting U.S. Corn Market


VII. NCGA a Longtime Leader on Farm Policy Innovation


VIII. Research Key to New Corn Uses and Markets


IX: Ethanol an Important Market Corn Growers Helped Create 

X: NCGA Leadership Helps Biotech Efforts Advance Prudently

XI: Growers Lead the Way as Sustainability Grows in Importance