2012 Presidential Candidates on the Issues
As a nonpartisan, grassroots organization, the National Corn Growers Association does not endorse candidates for any political office, including president of the United States. NCGA provides information to grower-members so they can make informed decisions on this and other issues. NCGA has asked the two major candidates for president, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney (R-Mass.), to address some of the top issues important to corn growers.

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Farm Bill and Safety Net

Corn-based Ethanol/Renewable Energy




Environmental Regulation

Why should farmers and ranchers vote for you?


All Issues Above for Governor Mitt Romney

All Issues Above for President Barack Obama

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Governor Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on the Issues


The Corn Caucus Project is a joint program of NCGA and Iowa Corn that is designed to encourage grower involvement and promote grower interests in the 2012 presidential selection process.  The program educated the presidential candidates about issues of importance to growers and their communities, and it involved growers in the political process by providing them access to candidates, their organizations and events and providing them information to make an informed choice in the 2012 presidential primaries and general election.

The Corn Caucus Project is overseen at the national level by NCGA’s Grassroots Program Committee and the Grower Services Action Team.  The program would not be possible without funding from the Grassroots Committee and the Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky and Iowa Corn Growers Associations.