St. Louis / Headquarters

632 Cepi Drive Chesterfield, MO 63005

Phone: (636) 733-9004

FAX: (636) 733-9005


Washington Office
20 F Street, N.W., Suite 600

Washington, DC 20001

Phone: (202) 628-7001

FAX: (202) 628-1933



Chris Novak, Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Baker, Executive Assistant

Susan Claiborne, Receptionist



Rodger Mansfield, Vice President of Administration

Darcy Wolf, Director, Accounting

Jeremy Green, Manager, IT and Facility Services

Ellen Campen, Bookkeeper



Fred Stemme, Vice President of Marketing

Rita Abney, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Jessica Brown, CMP, Meetings Manager

Ken Colombini, Director of Communications

Vickie Darland, Administrative Assistant

Joe Hodes, Director, Development

Mark Lambert, Senior Communications Manager

Beth Musgrove, Graphic Communications Designer

Susan Powers, Communications Manager

Mary Quigley, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Communications

Mike Shelby, Association and Membership Services Specialist

Cathryn Wojcicki, Communications Manager


Production and Utilization

Paul Bertels, Vice President of Production and Utilization

Nathan Fields, Director of Biotechnology and Economic Analysis

Maggie Fogerty, Administrative Assistant, Production and Utilization

Nick Goeser, Ph.D., Manager, Soil Health and Sustainability

Rachel Jungerman Orf, National Corn Yield Contest Manager

Linda Kassoff, Administrative Assistant, Production, Sustainability and Livestock

Max Starbuck, Director of Production, Stewardship and Livestock

Richard Vierling, Ph.D., Director of Research and New Uses

Sandra Wright, Administrative Assistant, Production and Utilization


Public Policy (Washington Office)

Jon Doggett, Executive Vice President 

Brooke Appleton, Director of Public Policy and Political Strategy

Beth Elliott, Director of Public Policy

Zach Kinne, Director of Public Policy

Kendra Keller, Office Manager

Ethan Mathews, Director of Public Policy

Jennifer Myers, Communications Manager

Sara Neagu, Legislative Assistant

Clint Raine, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Sam Willett, Senior Director of Public Policy