St. Louis National Office

632 Cepi Drive Chesterfield, MO 63005

Phone: (636) 733-9004

FAX: (636) 733-9005



Washington Office

20 F Street, N.W., Suite 600

Washington, DC 20001

Phone: (202) 628-7001

FAX: (202) 628-1933



Jon Doggett, Chief Executive Officer 

Kathy Baker, Executive Assistant

Susan Claiborne, Receptionist



Neil Caskey , Vice President, Communications

Mark Lambert, Senior Communications Manager

Julie Busse, Communications Manager

Beth Musgrove, Graphic Communications Designer

Mary Quigley, Assistant to the Vice President, Communications

Cathryn Wojcicki, Senior Communications Manager


Market Development

Jim Bauman, Vice President, Market Development

Melanie Gibson, Assistant to the Vice President, Market Development

Peter Magner, Manager Renewable Fuels

Sarah McKay, Manager Market Development

Mark Palmer, Director, Renewable Fuels

Open, Director of Market Development


Marketing and Operations

Fred Stemme, CAE, Vice President of Marketing and Operations

Rita Abney, Meetings Manager

Ellen Campen, Bookkeeper

Jeremy Green, Manager, IT and Facility Services

Joe Hodes, Director, Development

Lisa Keen, Administrative Assistant, Marketing & Operations

Marie Nelson, Director, Accounting & Administration

Mike Shelby, Manager, Association & Membership Services

Steve Uram, Marketing Manager


Production and Sustainability

Nathan Fields, Vice President of Production and Sustainability

Sandra Wright, Assistant to Vice President, Production and Utilization

Shefali Mehta, Ph.D., Soil Health Partnership, Executive Director

Jack Cornell, Soil Health Partnership, Field Team Director

Anne Dietz, Soil Health Partnership Program Manager

 Alex Fiock , Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Indiana

Jim Isermann, Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Illinois

Lisa Kubik , Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Eastern Iowa

Linda Lambur, National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC) Coordinator

Elyssa McFarland, Soil Health Partnership Key Relationships Director

Jacob Ness, Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Western Iowa

Rachel Orf, Director of Stewardship & Sustainability

Abigail Peterson, Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Illinois

Stacey Stiens, Soil Health Partnership Program Coordinator

John Stewart, Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Indiana

Tricia Verville, Soil Health Partnership Field Manager, Wisconsin

Open, Director of Research

Open, Director, Biotechnology & Crop Inputs


Public Policy (Washington Office)

Kathy Reding Bergren, Director of Public Policy

Kat Emerson, Director of Public Policy and Political Strategy

Liz Friedlander , Director of Policy Communications 

Peter Laudeman, Legislative Assistant

Lesly McNitt, Director of Public Policy

Kendra Ricks, Office Manager

Colleen Willard , Director of Public Policy

Sam Willett, Senior Director of Public Policy

Open, Vice President Public Policy